Huaypo Lake route

Huaypo Lake route beautiful landscapes

This is one of the best bicycle alternatives for experienced cyclists who like pedaling through incredible valleys, lagoons, and Inca ruins on wide dirt roads, tracks, and short roads in the style of cross-country competitions.

Best thing you can experience on this bike tour is the height because it starts from the city of Cusco at 3,400 m and climbs uphill to a maximum altitude of 3,885 m, adding a total of 78 km with a positive unevenness of 1,100 m and crossing immense cultivated areas, incredible viewpoints, and surrounding the Huaypo Lagoon.

The entrance to the Inca ruins of Chinchero is optional, but if you want to enter, it would be a good alternative. The entrance ticket is 70 soles for foreigners and 40 soles for nationals.

We also have the option of including a mobility aid for the ascent sections where you can no longer or simply want to rest; this suggestion is only at the request of the client.

For this route to the Huaypo Lagoon by bicycle, we have the best Trek brand bicycle (Marlin 6), equipped with the best accessories. We also have the best equipment, such as a helmet and gloves, and the best experienced adventure guide.

Route Features:

  • Route distance: 78 km
  • Total positive slope: 1,100 m.
  • Maximum altitude: 3,885 m.
  • minimum altitude: 3,400 m.
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Level: Advanced
  • Places to visit: Chinchero Inca ruins, Monserrat Church, and Huaypo Lagoon
  • Important: If you require an entrance ticket to the archaeological site of Chinchero (10 soles)
  • Meeting point: Zetas street 400 – office
  • Type of route: Cross-country
  • Type of service: Group & Private
  • Language: English
  • Available days: Every day.
  • Departure time: 7 am. and 1 pm.
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Price: Quote Here
    Level: Intermediate
  • Includes: Guide, bicycle, helmet, gloves, Permanent Assistance 
    Not Included: private mobilityc, entrance tickets and others not mentioned in the tour.
  • End of the tour: Zetas street 400 – office



  • Small backpack
  • Rain gear or waterproof from November to March
  • Sunglasses
  • Short and long-sleeved polo shirt
  • Comfortable shoes for pedaling
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • carry extra coins
  • Water

Important data:

For this cycling tour to the Huaypo Lagoon, you do not need an entrance ticket.

This bicycle route is of an advanced level; we will pedal along a wide track road and a wide dirt road, up and down slopes.

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