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Pitahaya Travel Peru: Specialists in Trekking Expeditions Cusco & Machu Picchu

We are the best operating company for trekking and expeditions, bike tours, excursions, and Machu Picchu trips, and we have created incredible experiences with The Best Routes through the Andes passing through incredible tourist sites over the years.

We know that Peru is well known because it has one of the wonders of the world, “Machu Picchu,” but here I tell you a very important fact about Peru, today, in these years, Peru is recognized and known for many other things, such as the incredible gastronomy, its culture, and the extraordinary mountains for hiking and downhill cycling. That is why we decided to operate these outdoor activities, and we have been in the tourism market for almost 10 years, as well as in hiking and mountain biking, and we are very glad to be on your travels and adventures.

According to these data, Peru has become the unmissable route for outdoor activities; given this, we offer you our Best Adventure Routes to Machu Picchu.

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